Snowflake monitoring and altering

Snowflake monitoring and altering

Monitoring and alerting are critical aspects of managing a Snowflake data warehouse environment effectively. Snowflake provides various tools and features to help you monitor the performance, usage, and health of your data warehouse, and set up alerts to proactively address issues. Here's a guide on how to monitor and set up alerts in Snowflake:

1. Snowflake Account Usage Dashboard:

Snowflake offers a web-based user interface where you can monitor overall account usage, query performance, and resource consumption. You can access this dashboard through the Snowflake web interface.

2. Snowflake Information Schema:

The INFORMATION_SCHEMA database in Snowflake contains metadata about your Snowflake account, objects, and usage. You can query this schema to gather insights about your data warehouse.

3. Snowflake Account Usage Views:

Snowflake provides system-defined views in the ACCOUNT_USAGE schema that allow you to track resource utilization and user activity. You can use these views to create custom reports and dashboards.

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