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Improve your data efficiency by minimizing costs while maintaining optimal performance. Bluesky provides specific recommendations to deliver value immediately.

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A Full Platform Solution for Data Efficiency

From deep visibility to easy-to-action recommendations, Bluesky streamlines the entire data efficiency workflow so your teams can spend less time optimizing and more time building.

Granular Visibility

Gain visibility into your data cloud workload to understand resource consumption trends and learn where there are opportunities to optimize and quantify how much improvement is possible. Get an in-depth understanding of usage attribution and cost breakdowns through scorecards with powerful drill-down capabilities.

Efficiency index

The efficiency Index provides insights into how well the organization utilizes its resources through Bluesky’s weekly Data Cloud efficiency report, making it easy for FinOps and data engineer teams to collaborate on cost optimization efforts.

Actionable Recommendations

Bluesky continuously improves resource utilization and reduces wasted spend with actionable recommendations tailored to your workloads. Recommendations come with remediation effort estimates to help prioritize time and maximize the return on tuning efforts

Anomaly Detection

Get alerted when conditions deviate from expectations and never be surprised by your cloud bill again. Build policies to ensure Data Engineering and Analyst teams can meet budgeting guidelines and free up resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Continuous Governance

With features like real-time data monitoring, Bluesky delivers continuous awareness to remediate crucial performance issues like sudden usage spikes, runaway queries, and data pipeline failures.

Cost attribution 

Businesses can track cloud usage and costs by breaking down cost and usage on a per-query basis and aggregating the cost by the department. This provides a granular understanding of how resources are used and creates accountability to teams through granular cost visibility.

Efficiency Management Beyond Cost Savings

Cost savings is only the beginning of your journey with us. We believe data efficiency touches every part of the data lifecycle, from the developer, to operational reporting and applications, to FinOps management.

Cost Optimization

Proper optimization of your Data Cloud environment is the only viable way to manage cost as you scale. Losing control of costs will damage your ability to execute against your mission.  Bluesky empowers complete optimization capabilities by identifying low-value workloads and providing actionable recommendations to eliminate waste. Bluesky also governs your workload efficiency by breaking down costs by team or department and continuously monitoring for anomalies.

Team Productivity

Bluesky identifies poor query patterns, provides recommendations for improving code quality and efficiency, and educates SQL query writers. As a result, central data platform teams are fully empowered to support their analysts.

Tool Performance

Bluesky can identify long-running pipelines that are at risk of violating SLAs and provide actionable insights to improve the performance of your data tools in both data pipelines and BI/analytics workloads. This enables you to run your operational reporting and applications efficiently.

Hear From Our Customers

“The tool gave us deep visibility into our Snowflake expenses in terms of query costs and warehouse credit usage”
Their feedback and insights identified immediate actions we can take to reduce our compute costs. The team at Bluesky is genuinely devoted towards aiding us in our optimization efforts, and has been straight forward and easy to work with throughout the process.
Chris Okorodudu
Tech Lead, Data Infrastructure
“We’re able to simultaneously reduce waste while improving the value we get from our data”
Bluesky’s continuous cost governance capabilities and actionable insights have helped us to cut costs and improve the performance of query workloads without any reduction in functionality.
Michael Li
VP of Data
“Valuable for SaaS products built on top of Snowflake”
Bluesky is able to break down our Snowflake spend based on our customers' workloads. This is extremely valuable for SaaS products built on top of Snowflake.
Bryan Shupe
CEO and Founder
“We are excited to continue developing our partnership with the Bluesky team and further tune our data cloud”
In the first few days of using Bluesky, we were able to identify a number of non-trivial ways of optimizing our Snowflake usage.
Marion Pavillet
Senior Analytics Engineer
“Bluesky Mission Control required less than 10 minutes of onboarding time, and provided visibility into our Snowflake usage and cost”
Bluesky identified areas of cost reduction and workload optimization. We plan to continuously use the SaaS product to monitor and keep our Snowflake workloads’ cost efficiency high.
Hallie Million
Head of Data
“Within hours of connecting Bluesky to our Snowflake deployment one of its recommendations reduced our compute expenses by more than 30%”
Bluesky has quickly become a trusted partner, always going above and beyond. We’re really looking forward to trying out the more advanced automation that Bluesky has planned.
Ross Serven
Data-Driven Technical Leader
“Now we can concentrate on building the future of SaaS apps and let Bluesky take care of what they’re best at.”
Adding Bluesky to our stack immediately improved our ability to see what was going on with costs and performance. Bluesky gives us insights that are easy to understand—like a priority ranked list of profiled queries with total hits and estimated credits—and clear actions we can take to tune queries or remove redundant workloads.
Shubhankar Srivastava
“If the Snowflake bill is keeping you awake at night, consider Bluesky!”
Snowflake is one of the main drivers in our COGS. Before Bluesky, we struggled to allocate time and effort to analyze and optimize the usage systematically. Bluesky solves this pain-point by introducing a complete feedback loop. It is effortless to get a report at the cost breakdown for different workloads, query patterns, and warehouses. The optimizations are data-driven, spot-on and straightforward to implement. The cost savings can be easily validated in the reports.
Feng Shao
VP Engineering
“An easy and collaborative production trial and adoption”
Bluesky was able to help identify and optimize costly queries, thus reducing our costs meaningfully.
Justin Zhang
Sr. Director of Engineering