About us

Bluesky provides data-driven organizations with intelligent workload optimization and cost governance tools that help them innovate while keeping costs under control.

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Our Mission


We are an early-stage tech startup founded by big data domain experts with decades of experience solving complex problems and creating innovative solutions across Google, Hadapt, Vertica, Uber, Dropbox, Facebook, and Yahoo.


By making querying/analytics cost aligned with value, we aim to help data analysts/scientists improve productivity, data engineers reduce complexity, and CIOs/CDOs control their data and infrastructure costs.


At Bluesky, we aim to make SQL query/analytics faster and cheaper over data clouds so that data analysts/scientists can become more productive and data cloud users can control their costs.

Meet our Leadership

Data-Driven team focused on optimizing your life so you can spend more time growing your business.

Mingsheng Hong

Mingsheng Hong (CEO)

15+ years of experience in data & machine learning, including building and delivering Big Data products and solutions at Google, Hadapt, and Vertica. Prior to this role, Dr. Hong was head of engineering for Google’s ML runtime (e.g. TensorFlow).

Chadd Kenney(COO)

With over two decades of experience in product leadership, go-to-market, and strategy roles, Chadd excels in customer advocacy, crafting unique solutions, and scaling businesses for revenue growth.  Before Bluesky, Chadd was an early founding member of Pure Storage with roles including CTO and VP of Products, which played a crucial role in Pure Storage’s remarkable journey growth from zero to over a billion dollars in revenue during his eight-year tenure.

Investors who put their trust in Bluesky

"The dual trends of increasing enterprise cloud consumption and vast data scale provide a huge opportunity for Bluesky. Enterprises gain enormous value from data clouds already, but the market is still in its infancy. As enterprises expand and mature their use of data clouds, they will increasingly need products like Bluesky to assist their data teams to manage complexity and scale, just as we’ve seen in other markets. Bluesky has already moved beyond simple visibility tooling to provide the intelligent monitoring and smart tuning recommendations more advanced enterprises need. Bluesky is well positioned to capture a substantial portion of the value in this growing market, and we’re excited to see the team continue to execute on their vision."
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  Jerry Chen -General partner at Greylock Partners

Powered by a team with a background in the biggest companies in the last decade.

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Our Core Values

Data-Driven team focused on optimizing your life so you can spend more time growing your business.



We encourage diversity and inclusion of ideas and people, creating an all-inclusive workplace



We turn our passion for big data, machine learning, and data clouds into game-changing products and solutions



We empower every individual team member and treat each other as partners



We are constantly looking for and testing new ideas to make things better and smarter

Life at Bluesky

Bluesky Group photo
Bluesky Team members are during the cooking classwechatlmg24Bluesky Team during the cooking class
Bluesky Team CookingBluesky team member discussion
“The tool gave us deep visibility into our Snowflake expenses in terms of query costs and warehouse credit usage”
“Bluesky understands how patterns across the whole data fleet combine to add value or waste money. We’re able to clearly explain how to achieve the business value our customers are looking for. Bluesky’s intelligent monitoring ensures our recommendations stay relevant as our customers innovate with data.”
  Mingsheng Hong -- CEO @ Bluesky