Snowflake Optimization

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Snowflake optimization covers various layers of your workload, from warehouses to queries. Bluesky experts have identified best practices for optimizing Snowflake, from the warehouse level down to the query level, to help businesses leverage the platform's full potential. These practices include proper warehouse sizing, partitioning, query optimization, workload management, continuous monitoring, and more.

Benefits of Continuous Snowflake Optimizations with Bluesky

Snowflake optimization is essential because it allows businesses to achieve optimal performance and cost efficiency in their data warehousing and analytics operations without hindering the value of deliverables. We believe companies should continuously and automatically optimize their processes to achieve sustainable growth rather than relying on one-off clean-up exercises to identify and eliminate problematic queries. Instead, Bluesky offers continuous monitoring for anomalies in workloads and autoguards against bad queries before they run.