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Are you frequently bothered by alerts of your credit use, holding you back from finding new ways to improve your business? With Bluesky, you can now easily find potential savings, save more time on tuning, and make the most of resources for better returns on the Snowflake investment.

  • Reduce waste in computing and storage
  • Enhance resource efficiency
  • Enhance your Snowflake ROI by 25%
bluesky maximize your data cloud roi

How Copilot for Snowflake Can Assist You in Spending Efficiency

Actionable Optimization Recommendations

Your team can dedicate their time to building and operating your business while Bluesky simultaneously delivers valuable insights into potential inefficiencies and offers actionable optimization recommendations.

Insightful Efficiency Index

Bluesky provides your team with an efficiency index that tracks efficiency trends and various efficiency metrics over time. This enhances your ability to gain clearer insights into your workload efficiency and evaluate the equilibrium between effort and impact.

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Bluesky Helps Notion Improve Snowflake ROI by 25% without Compromising Team Productivity

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