Alert Systems

Bluesky offers a number of notification and alerting systems to continuously monitor and keep your systems updated. Whether you are using email, Slack, or PagerDuty, we can alert you of new findings, so you can take quick action and resolve.


Within Bluesky’s dashboard, navigate to the Monitor section. You can then set up customized configurations to set a monetary threshold for alerts to be sent via email. You can contact our team for assistance or ask during a product demo.


Bluesky’s continuous optimization can be paired with Slack for notifications. To integrate slack, contact for further information. Our team will send a Slack channel invite for setup.


PagerDuty provides incident reporting for Bluesky and can notify your data team for saving opportunities, long-running queries, and more. Based on urgency and severity, notifications can be customized from Bluesky.

To read more about how to integrate PagerDuty with Bluesky, follow this step by step guide here

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