Data Cloud Performance

Our platform goes beyond providing recommendations for just cost reduction and governance; we also focus on enhancing performance across the board. With Bluesky, you can optimize both performance and cost, ensuring that your organization achieves its desired outcomes effectively and efficiently.


Enhancing Performance across all Workloads


Bluesky recommendations include performance optimizations like highlighting long-running and/or inefficient queries that could benefit from review and/or tuning.


Our team of expert’s years of experience enable us to break down the areas of cost savings opportunity and provide a guided set of recommendations prioritized by spend impact and remediation level-of-effort.Bluesky allows customers to categorize workloads that are particularly important to business operations so that customers can view a more granular representation of how workloads map to important business areas.

Why Bluesky?

Map data cloud spend to business tools

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    Easily map workloads to business units and tools to get a granular performance view and better understand improvement opportunities.

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    Based on these categorizations, Bluesky automatically aggregates workload information like total spend, total opportunities, and credit usage for our customers.

Improve SLA performance on high-value tools

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    Customers can improve SLA for high-value tools by referencing performance opportunities mapped specifically to those business priorities.

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    Customers receive proactive notifications when bad query patterns and resulting in longer than expected or anomalous performance, helping customers ensure they’re meeting their SLAs.

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