Snowflake Partitions

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Traditional data warehouses utilize large static partitions to store table data. Static partitions are easy to allocate and manage but have numerous inefficiencies. Maintenance overhead, data skew, stale data are all problems that limit the data warehouse's performance. One of the key features that sets Snowflake part from traditional databases is its implementation of micro-partitions. Micro-partitions are contiguous units of storage but small than traditional partitioning, enabling much simpler management and maintenance as well as improved parallelism

Unlocking the Power of Snowflake Storage with Bluesky

Bluesky achieves storage layer efficiency by detecting bad table clustering keys, recommending good table clustering keys for partition pruning, as well as diagnosing and fixing high auto clustering cost, thus users can optimize their Snowflake storage for maximum efficiency, enabling businesses to make better use of their data.