Snowflake Cost Optimization

As organizations continue to spend millions of dollars a year to leverage data for decision making and future innovation, they still have limited visibility into workload usage and costs. At Bluesky, we believe there is an opportunity to provide organizations with better visibility of their workloads while also optimizing their queries for cost saving and speed. Optimizing recurring or poorly formulated queries can not only result in significant savings for companies, it can also improve query performance and overall team productivity.

About Bluesky

Bluesky empowers data engineers to spend more time innovating with their Data Cloud and less time manually monitoring and tuning it. Unlike simplistic visibility tools or point solutions for query acceleration and warehouse optimization, Bluesky synthesizes signals from multiple layers (query, warehouse, storage, serverless) to provide visibility into spend and performance, then provides actionable recommendations to remediate crucial performance-related activities. Data teams can reliably optimize workload performance and reduce spend while freeing up data engineering teams to deliver business value, faster.

Bluesky is a Snowflake Select Technology Partner

Bluesky enables data cloud users to get the most out of each “unit” of compute by ensuring resources are used efficiently and with guardrails to align cost to value. Unlike prepackaged dashboards and other tools on the market, Bluesky continuously scans an environment to not only “detect” an issue, but to immediately help a user “correct” it with actionable recommendations backed by granular insight.

Our partnership with Snowflake makes it easier for customers to get immediate visibility into their data cloud environment, optimize it, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Beyond cost, users can benefit by re-focusing precious data engineering resources on driving business value from data - not data operations.

Maximize Your Data Cloud ROI

Bluesky delivers an intelligent workload optimization and cost governance solution for modern data cloud environments, helping Snowflake users continuously improve workload performance, optimize costs for superior financial management and accelerate data-driven innovation.

Maximize the ROI on your data cloud investments by removing operational blind spots and reducing spend. Achieve 30% lower infrastructure costs.

Improve data engineering productivity and accelerate innovation 300X.