Bluesky FAQ

How does Bluesky actually optimize costs?

Bluesky employs a comprehensive approach that encompasses both top-down and bottom-up methodologies to deliver comprehensive visibility into your data cloud workloads. By leveraging information obtained from your environment, Bluesky undertakes several tasks:

Detailed query profiles are utilized by Bluesky to cluster queries with similar structures and functionalities, enabling fine-tuning of optimization efforts.

Workloads are compared against established best practices by Bluesky to identify anomalies and provide valuable insights.

Through simulations, Bluesky replays query workloads under various settings, offering recommendations for optimal configuration across your data cloud environment.

What are Bluesky’s data handling/security policies?

Least Access - We only ask for the absolute minimum permissions needed to operate our tool.

No Data - We only look at queries and cloud configuration. We never ask for permission to see your data.

Easy Revoke - We pull our data from your Snowflake instance through a user or a fixed IP. Revoking permissions is trivial.

Industry Standards -  We are SOC2 Type II compliant and happy to provide a SOC Audit.

Data Security Standards - Our data is encrypted at rest and in transit and already trusted by and working with institutions ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies.

How to optimize Snowflake costs by at least 30%?

By leveraging Bluesky's workload optimization capabilities, you can uncover potential cost savings of up to 50% in your Snowflake spending within the first three weeks of implementation. Moreover, Bluesky offers detailed usage and cost breakdown of your workloads, empowering you to understand the unit economics associated with your operations while you simultaneously reduce cloud expenses. Book a demo to see the magic.

How is Bluesky priced?

Bluesky understands the uniqueness of your workload environment, which is why our pricing is customized to fit your specific requirements. Take the first step by scheduling a demo with us to access your free trial and embark on a smooth onboarding journey.

How does Onboarding work?

Bluesky’s onboarding process is fast, low-friction, and takes no more than 10 minutes. As part of Bluesky onboarding, customers create a READ ONLY user in their Snowflake instance that is ONLY granted read access to Snowflake metadata. Bluesky never requests access to any business data.

What is Bluesky’s philosophy about Snowflake Workload optimization?

Bluesky wants to enable engineers and analysts to spend less time optimizing and more time building. Bluesky provides confidence that customers are running an efficient Snowflake Data Cloud by continuously detecting optimization opportunities at every level ranging from data models and pipelines to individual query profiles. Bluesky provides easy-to-follow recommendations, and even automatically implements approved fixes.

Why you should care about Snowflake Workload Optimization?

Proper optimization of your Data Cloud environment is the only viable way to manage cost as you scale. Bluesky empowers complete optimization capabilities by identifying inefficient workloads and providing actionable recommendations and automated changes to eliminate waste. Book a demo today to check your workload efficiency. 

If I already do in-house cost management, why do I need Bluesky?

Compute is the main cost driver in virtual warehouses where users execute queries. Inefficient or poorly written queries are  hard to fix manually. A diverse set of users across the organization use the database and have varying levels of SQL proficiency. Relying on expert DBA tuning staff  will ultimately result in a performance tuning bottleneck, which will lead to increased contention for resources in the data warehouse. No matter how good you are, in the end, you will not be able to keep up.

Bluesky can identify poor query patterns, provide recommendations for improving code quality and efficiency, and train SQL query writers to produce better code. This empowers data platform teams to not just support analysts, but focus on enabling them.

Is it possible to obtain a free trial of Bluesky in my environment?

Certainly! We are excited to extend the same workload optimization experienced by leading enterprises to your environment. Schedule a meeting with us to kickstart your journey with a complimentary trial, allowing you to experience the value firsthand.

How does Bluesky excel in reclaiming Data Cloud Efficiency in the
cloud that other alternatives cannot?

Bluesky is your copilot for  the Snowflake Data Cloud. We not only provide a tool to introspect and visualize data cloud workloads,  but our tool extends this functionality to streamline the entire data efficiency workflow so your teams can spend less time optimizing and more time building. We believe data efficiency touches every part of the data lifecycle, from the data engineer or analyst, to operational reporting and applications, to FinOps management. 

Any customer success stories or case studies that I can refer to?

Certainly! Renowned companies like Coinbase, Nextbite, Notion, and Certik have successfully utilized Bluesky. Whether you require enhanced visibility, cost optimization, or other specific needs, Bluesky is adaptable to your requirements. Take a look at the related customer case studies to learn more about their experiences. To join the ranks of these leading companies benefiting from Bluesky, book a demo with us today.

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