Snowflake Data Efficiency Index

Snowflake Data Efficiency Index

An Efficiency Index (EI) is useful for comparing KPIs to determine if you are improving and is a useful way to explain to senior management how data cloud spending correlates to revenue and other useful KPIs. The Snowflake Data Efficiency index is the easiest way to determine whether or not your data cloud spending is healthy. It provides visibility ad business context to make informed decisions to improve efficiency. Blueksy’s Optimization solution identifies workloads that can be optimized via any of the solutions offered by the Bluesky platform, and provides detailed recommendations that customers can immediately implement and automate.

Why You Need a Data Efficiency Index

Today, engineers working in the cloud choose the resources they need in order to do their work and finance gets the bill after the fact. Then, as customers interact with the software, the bill is driven higher as more resources are used.

CFOs are blindsided by high costs and uncontrolled spending. Meanwhile, data engineering teams struggle to justify and explain their spend - often frustrated that finance doesn’t understand, even when spend is growing healthily along with the business.

To put it into real-world context — in the on-premise days, if your website unexpectedly went viral, it crashed. In the cloud, it doesn’t crash, but you will receive a bigger bill. There’s a tradeoff in the cloud: with unlimited scale, there’s also unlimited cost. 

What to Do When You are Becoming Less Efficient


When your efficiency metric increases, meaning you are becoming less efficient, you will want to start by looking at your workload efficiency indicators at the query, warehouse and storage levels.Using Bluesky, it is possible to identify what workload is responsible for the high spend and how it can be further optimized.