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With the pay-as-you go pricing model, speaking of reducing Snowflake cost to many people like telling them to eliminate their usage on Snowflake. However, it’s not true. Reduce Snowflake cost means that optimize your resources usage so you can By reducing Snowflake costs, companies can allocate resources more efficiently, freeing up funds for other business-critical initiatives. However, it's important to balance cost savings with performance and functionality requirements to ensure that the Snowflake environment continues to meet the organization's needs.

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Bluesky: Maximizing Results and Cost Savings in Your Snowflake Environment

Bluesky offers a health check of your entire Snowflake setup to identify low-value workloads to address, and provide recommendations for low-effort remediation. By doing this, you can optimize your Snowflake usage and reduce unnecessary costs, which can lead to significant savings over time. With a better understanding of your workloads and usage patterns, you can make informed decisions about scaling up or down, adjusting resources, and optimizing queries, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective Snowflake environment.