Snowflake Cost Governance

Snowflake Cost Governance

 Snowflake cost governance provides data-driven insights and disciplined processes to help ensure that cloud costs align with business results. As the data cloud becomes an ever-larger component of the IT budget, IT leaders must ensure that cloud expenses are aligned with the organization's strategic objectives.

The total cost of the Snowflake service will be determined on the usage of the resources, this may change more or less depending on the organization’s needs. Therefore it is not always accurate to determine the total cost beforehand, but with tools and experience Snowflake customers can get a close understanding of what the monthly costs would be.

Three Pillars of Effective Cost Governance

Cost governance, also known as cost optimizations, is the organizational planning that allows an enterprise to understand and install processes and guardrails to manage the costs associated with its data cloud technology. In particular, this means finding cost-effective ways to maximize cloud usage and efficiency. These best practices should include three steps for continuously monitoring, identifying and resolving performance related issues as early as possible.

  • Visibility - Understanding, exploring, monitoring, and attributing spend
  • Optimization - Identifying and reducing inefficient spend
  • Control - Putting guardrails in place to limit spend

Three Major Cost Governance announcements made at Snowflake Summit 2022

#1. New Resource Groups concept announced where you can combine all sorts of snowflake data objects to monitor their resource usage. This is huge since Resource Monitors were pretty primitive.

#2. Concept of Budgets that you can track against. 

#3. More Usage Metrics are being made available. This is important since many enterprise businesses were looking for this.