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About Bluesky

Bluesky optimizes data cloud workloads to help enterprises get the most value from their data and drive the best business decisions. Bluesky’s co-pilot for workload optimization provides deep visibility on the drivers of costs, forecasts future costs, and delivers recommendations on optimizing their infrastructure for the best ROI. The platform provides deep query tools that drive more performant and efficient workloads, as well as monitoring and reporting to alert data cloud users of anomalies. 

Our customers have seen up to 30% cost savings with a 5X ROI, and greater than 300% performance improvements. Combined with 20% productivity increases, our product allows clients to focus on building and spend less time fine tuning.

Hear more from customer case studies about how Bluesky copilots data workload optimization success for enterprises and teams.

Why Bluesky:

Bluesky enables data platform engineers and analysts to spend less time optimizing and more time on building. By continuously detecting optimization opportunities ranging from warehouse and storage configurations to specific queries and data models, Bluesky helps properly optimize your Data Cloud environment to manage cost as you scale viably.  

How Bluesky can become your Co-Pilot:

Bluesky’s visibility and forecasting abilities help your data team understand historical areas of cost and inefficiencies while also projecting spending for future usage to reduce costs. Actionable insights, combined with continuous monitoring and alerting can be quickly remediated to take the guesswork and manual efforts out of efficiency.

By identifying poor query patterns, Bluesky can provide recommendations for improving code quality and efficiency, and train SQL query writers to produce better code. This empowers data platform teams to not just support analysts, but focus on enabling them.

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