Bluesky Estimate - Health Check for Snowflake

Bluesky Estimate is Bluesky’s beta tool that can assist you to understand spending breakdown from a macro view.Additionally, by conducting a comprehensive health check of your workloads, Bluesky Estimate provides insights into your potential for savings and efficiency.This compact version features a select group of tools that encompass Bluesky’s full software. Designed to help get a glimpse of Bluesky’s benefits, the tool is now live and available on Snowflake Marketplace for usage.

Initiate your Snowflake health check journey on the Snowflake Marketplace:

To add and use Bluesky Estimate for Snowflake Health Check

If your account is in AWS us-west-2 (Oregon), then directly install the Bluesky Estimate app on the Snowflake Marketplace. To learn more about how to install an application from a Snowflake Marketplace Listing, please visit here and scroll for Installing an Application from a Snowflake Marketplace Listing.

For now, Bluesky Estimate is waiting on a native app marketplace update that will allow multiple region publishing. If you are not located in AWS us-west-2 (Oregon), please follow the below instructions to utilize Bluesky Estimate. 

Visit our website to request a private listing from our Engineering Team or email The private listing will allow our team to share the Bluesky Estimate (Private Preview) application. We will require your cloud/region details and Snowflake account identifier. This is a temporary solution until the marketplace update. Once the listing is shared, please visit here and scroll for Installing an Application from a Privately Shared Listing to learn more.

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