Case Study

Nextbite Improves Data Cloud Visibility and Reduces Snowflake Bill ~30% with Bluesky


Nextbite, the industry leader in virtual restaurants, was referred by another Bluesky customer to better understand their Snowflake utilization. After a quick onboarding process, Bluesky was able to identify non-optimal configurations, failing queries, problematic stored procedures and a number of other issues affecting their data cloud’s consumption. Nextbite implemented Bluesky’s recommendations and as a result, was able to use Snowflake more efficiently and have more control over costs and growth. Now, Nextbite plans to continue optimizing their data cloud and achieve even greater cost efficiency with a commercial Bluesky contract.  

Nextbite’s Optimization Challenge

Nextbite relies on various modern data stack technologies to accelerate their BI, ETL, data engineering and connectivity workflows. While these vendors have provided value, along with ad hoc user queries Snowflake usage costs were becoming unsustainable with exponentially growing data sources and activities. Additionally, introspecting the cost associated with operating each disparate technology is time consuming, error prone and largely inefficient. With an urgent need to get Snowflake costs under control, Nextbite engaged Bluesky.  

Why Bluesky?

Bluesky brings visibility and intelligence to help data cloud users eliminate infrastructure inefficiencies in order to optimize their resources and control costs. Bluesky synthesizes signals from the query, warehouse and storage layers to deliver visibility into spend and performance, then provides straightforward, actionable recommendations to address areas of potential optimization. Bluesky provides detailed introspective and analytical capabilities that allow customers to segment Snowflake workloads to understand the drivers of cost.  


Nextbite onboarded to Bluesky in about 10 minutes and in less than 24 hours, received optimization recommendations that addressed their challenge. The Nextbite team found Bluesky’s ease of implementation helpful given their limited resources. Bluesky identified expensive query patterns, the distribution of what percentage of spend those patterns accounted for and analytics about changes in the patterns of failing queries. These optimization opportunities were identified by using metrics such as per-warehouse queries per second and query time distribution. As a result, Bluesky was able to recommend configuration and workload changes to maximize Nextbite’s savings without any reduction in functionality. 

With Bluesky, Nextbite realized significant value in terms of ROI, a more productive Data Eng team, as well as ongoing visibility into workload issues driving up costs. “We needed to streamline and better manage our Snowflake spend and within hours of connecting Bluesky to our Snowflake deployment one of its recommendations reduced a process's  compute expenses by more than 30%. I’m confident Bluesky will continue to deliver significant, ongoing cost reduction.” said Ross Serven, Director of Data Engineering.

Bluesky provided the following benefits to Nextbite:

  • Fast time to results: Within 24 hours after onboarding, Nextbite saved ~30% of its Snowflake spend with minimal effort required from Nexbite’s Data Eng team. Bluesky's analysis identified a non-optimal configuration recommendation from a vendor’s own documentation. These cost savings allowed Nextbite to regain a portion of its compute capital and deploy this against other business critical problems.
  • Actionable insight: Bluesky’s product was able to give Nextbite detailed contextual information about their Snowflake workload, including around the drivers of their spend broken down by query, warehouse, user and other dimensions. Anomalous query patterns could be identified, contextualized and remediated. 
  • Continuous optimization: Bluesky continuously monitors Nextbite’s Snowflake environment to surface insight into workload performance and find cost optimization opportunities. Through Bluesky’s continuous monitoring functionality, another 5% of savings was identified a few weeks later.
  • Free up Data Eng to work on other tasks: Nextbite’s Data Eng team now spends much less time monitoring and triaging data cloud workloads - Bluesky is doing that now. 

What’s Next for Bluesky and Nextbite

Today the Nextbite team can continuously monitor, optimize and better manage their data cloud as a result of engaging with Bluesky. Additionally, Nextbite has realized the importance of not only understanding and attributing data cloud cost, but the value of continuous monitoring of their data clouds. Nextbite has already recognized substantial value and is excited to sign a commercial agreement with Bluesky to continue their efforts. 

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