Challenges and Techniques in Achieving High Cost Efficiency with Data Clouds

If you are watching the Dataengineering subreddit, you’ll see many users complaining about the increasing costs of cloud data warehouses. It’s no surprise that when enterprises use data more frequently, they end up paying more and more to the modern data cloud providers. In today’s environment, it's critical to empower data engineers to see the cost impact of their work. 

Lauren Balik( , data wrangler and Founder of Upright Analytics( and Mingsheng discuss how modern data technologies with consumption-based pricing are driving up costs and then offer a better way to install cost guardrails while optimizing workload performance and cost governance.

Topics covered in this podcast include:

  • ETL vs. ELT
  • The spreading human middleware problem
  • Shifting cloud costs left
  • Measuring DW efficiency
  • Workload optimization
  • FinOps

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