Introducing Bluesky Estimate - Find Your Optimization Potential in Minutes

Chadd Kenney

Have you ever considered whether you're using Snowflake to its full potential?  Have you recently checked your warehouse sizes or searched for unused pipelines or tables?  Are you concerned about pipeline anomalies or looking to build more cost-effective, higher-performing queries?  No organization wants to shift its focus from driving new business decisions to prioritizing cloud data efficiency.  Neglecting optimization can lead to adverse outcomes, such as using up your annual credits in just three months.  Optimizing is complex and may mandate third-party tools that require accessing your data, leading to security reviews before viewing the results.

Today we are excited to announce a new way to understand your optimization potential in minutes with Bluesky Estimate.  Bluesky Estimate runs locally in your account, so there is no need to wait on security reviews or give access to your data, as no data leaves your Snowflake instance.  Estimate gives you a quick view of the estimated optimizations Bluesky can provide, including the metrics in near minutes:

  • Optimization Overview: High-level overview providing the total estimated cost savings percentage across optimization areas.
  • Cost Assessment:  A full assessment of all costs incurred in Snowflake annually.
  • Warehouse Assessment:  Warehouse utilization assessment on the top 5 warehouses with % savings compared to average Bluesky customers.
  • Query Assessment:  Top 5 query signatures, total costs, and estimated savings compared to average Bluesky customers.
  • Storage Assessment:  Top 5 tables regarding storage costs and estimated cost savings.

Sounds interesting?  To get access to Bluesky Estimate and see how much optimization potential is possible, there are various options available to access (some of which are available today, and some later this year):

  • Snowpark ScriptBy downloading the script, users can effortlessly copy and execute the code directly within their Snowsight UI, eliminating the need for any additional software. Plus, with execution entirely within the trusted Snowflake environment, your data security is reinforced.
  • Local Streamlit AppDesigned with data engineers and data scientists in mind, this local Streamlit App brings Streamlit's power to create visually interactive applications to your local Python environment, reassured by the same stringent level of data security consistent across all our solutions.
  • VSCode Extension:  Coming soon
  • Snowflake Native App:  Coming soon

Check out how simple it is to see your results below:

We know you will a bunch of optimization opportunities as we have seen with other customers like Notion, who improved their ROI by 25% without compromising team productivity by leveraging Bluesky.  XZ Tie, Data Platform Engineering Lead at Notion, said, “Bluesky has helped us get more value out of Snowflake with automation that allows our engineering team to focus on business-critical projects instead of optimization.”  

Even better, we are running a contest between now and July 7, 2023.  Submit your Bluesky Estimate results to, and the first 20 customers to submit their results win a $50 Amazon gift card!  $200 Amazon gift card for the most optimized and least optimized.  Winners will be notified by July 10th, 2023.

We are excited to showcase Bluesky Estimate at Snowflake Summit, which takes place at Caesars Forum Conference Center in Las Vegas June 26-29.  You can learn more about Bluesky and how customers are getting value from the solution in the following sessions:  

OS211: Copilot for Snowflake in Action: Continuous Workload Optimization Made Easy

Tue Jun 27, 2:00 PM - 2:20 PM PDT   (20 Min)

Are you looking to optimize Snowflake cost and performance? Workload optimization is front and center in today's economic climate but can take valuable engineering time and effort to address. In this session, hear from Bluesky's Co-founder and CEO, Mingsheng Hong, on how Bluesky's Copilot for Snowflake is enabling engineers and analysts to spend less time optimizing and more time building. Bluesky provides confidence that customers are running an efficient Snowflake Data Cloud by continuously detecting optimization opportunities at every level ranging from data models to pipelines to individual query profiles, to provide easy-to-follow recommendations, and even automatically implementing approved fixes. Hear where the highest impact and lowest effort optimizations truly are, how your data teams can get the most performance and value out of every credit with little effort, and best practices when moving prototypes to efficient, production-level code.

OS216: Unleashing Snowflake Superpowers: Insider Secrets and Optimization Best Practices

Tue Jun 27, 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM PDT   (45 Min)

Snowflake is the super powerful Data Cloud. Are you using it to its full potential? As your business grows, you need to ensure your analytics can scale to keep up, while still managing costs. But identifying and resolving the performance bottlenecks takes time, and most data teams need to focus on building rather than tuning. How can you guarantee that your optimization efforts will make a meaningful impact? Our panel discussion brings together a diverse group of professionals who lead data teams and optimization projects. Through their collective expertise, attendees will gain valuable insights into the techniques used to identify meaningful performance improvements. Whether you are a seasoned Snowflake professional or a beginning SQL query writer, this session will provide practical guidance and real-world experience to help you determine what optimizations will make the most significant impact. This session will be recorded.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the show!  

Until next time, build more and optimize less!