Bluesky + Snowflake

Mingsheng Hong

I am thrilled to announce that Bluesky has officially joined the Snowflake Partner Network. We achieved Select Tier status less than a month after coming out of stealth - and we are not surprised! It all comes down to Snowflake customers looking to drive business value from their investment in the Data Cloud by optimizing their workloads and SQL queries. 


“Our advanced AI engine provides full visibility into how much you’re currently paying for data cloud resources, as well as how much you would save if you followed Bluesky’s tuning recommendations to optimize those resources.” - Mingsheng Hong, co-founder & CEO, Bluesky

Bluesky delivers an intelligent workload optimization and cost governance solution for modern data cloud environments, helping Snowflake users continuously improve workload performance, optimize costs for superior financial management and accelerate data-driven innovation. Powered by AI, Bluesky not only analyzes your workloads and costs, but provides actionable recommendations to immediately optimize workloads and predictably stay optimized over time. Data Engineers spend less time manually monitoring and tuning workloads and can focus on delivering business value, faster. FinOps get peace of mind from knowing that data teams are following cloud financial best practices and optimizing workload performance to maximize their data cloud environment. 

Bluesky customers have reported results ranging from 5x to 100x productivity for users who previously tuned their SQL or warehouse execution manually. This reduces the need for additional headcount (which is hard to come by these days) and can drastically reduce timelines for greenfield Snowflake projects, migrations and expansions. Additionally, Bluesky is future-proof: you can reliably manage your Data Cloud now and into the future as your footprint expands and workloads change. 

Snowflake Cost Management, Optimization and Governance

Modern cloud computing services such as the Snowflake Data Cloud make it easy for users to develop and scale data-intensive applications. But if you don’t effectively manage your data cloud environment, small mistakes and sub-optimal resource allocations can snowball into an avalanche of unexpected cloud costs. Snowflake’s pricing model, “it just works” manageability and the fact that it is a shared resource across an organization also means costs can add up quickly without oversight. 

Performance optimization with Snowflake can be challenging for several reasons. First, consumption based cloud services are newer offerings focused on ease-of-use by average users, rather than advanced database engineers who are accustomed to fine-grained tuning knobs. Second, the Snowflake Data Cloud is adopted by more modern and data-driven companies. Their user base is more diverse with varying levels of database proficiency. This has increased the chances of poorly written queries, sub-optimal schemas and inefficient data ingestion patterns. Finally, the ease of scaling up/out a cloud-based data warehouse has created a shortcut for solving performance problems, causing companies to overlook proper database optimizations at the cost of paying additional compute costs. 

Bluesky enables data cloud users to get the most out of each “unit” of compute by ensuring resources are used efficiently and with guardrails to align cost to value. Unlike prepackaged dashboards and other tools on the market, Bluesky continuously scans an environment to not only “detect” an issue, but to immediately help a user “correct” it with actionable recommendations backed by granular insight. Our partnership with Snowflake makes it easier for customers to get immediate visibility into their data cloud environment, optimize it, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Beyond cost, users can benefit by re-focusing precious data engineering resources on driving business value from data - not data operations.

Bluesky’s SaaS product continuously analyzes Snowflake workloads to surface insight into what is costing the most and why using an innovative technology called query patterns. Bluesky not only surfaces insight into costs today but how their costs have been trending and what their projected costs will be over a certain time horizon. Bluesky also provides granular insights by warehouse, team, users and individual data pipelines and queries. 

By intelligently watching for similar query patterns, Bluesky can detect complex situations that simplistic visibility tools miss in order to identify workloads that provide no value, such as long-running queries that fail repeatedly without providing any value. For the remaining high-cost queries with business value validated, it also recommends ways to tune queries so they run faster and cost less. 

Bluesky uses profile-driven Query Cost Attribution and pattern-based Query Clustering to understand the implications of how customers are using data and recommend ways to continuously optimize performance more cost-effectively. Bluesky provides AI-powered, actionable recommendations that customers can implement immediately to drive measurable business impact. These insights and recommendations are delivered via a dashboard that provides interactive visualizations, insights and recommendations into warehouses, clusters, users and queries. 

CertiK Gains Visibility and Control Over their Snowflake Environment with Bluesky

The power of this partnership enables enterprises to achieve cost transparency, remove low ROI workloads and improve the productivity and velocity of data eng teams. For one Snowflake user, Bluesky managed to reduce their spend by 20% while improving the latency of their query workloads by up to 500x - resulting in massive financial and operational improvements. 

CertiK, a pioneer in blockchain security technology, was experiencing a 9X growth of Snowflake costs in only six months, vastly outpacing their planned budget. Through an initial two-week engagement, Bluesky helped CertiK save hundreds of thousands of dollars by pinpointing the specific queries that were responsible for the cost overruns. Bluesky generated tuning insights for these queries that led to over 300X cost reduction and 500X speed improvement. Going forward, Bluesky will provide continuous monitoring for emerging expensive queries to help CertiK maintain data cloud efficiency and allow Certik’s data engineering team to focus on higher value activities. For detailed insight into this use case, visit

“While we enjoyed the raw power and ease-of-use with Snowflake, we quickly ran up our expenses. Fortunately, through an easy and collaborative production trial and adoption, Bluesky was able to help identify and optimize costly queries, thus reducing our costs meaningfully." Justin Zhang, Sr. Director of Engineering and Head of Data, CertiK

Improve Your Snowflake ROI with Bluesky

We’re proud to be joining an impressive list of Snowflake partner companies and look forward to giving more organizations the tools to understand, control and optimize their Data Cloud environment. 

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