Query Writer Efficiency

Bluesky brings solutions and learning opportunities to users addressing potential inefficiencies. Recommendations include code quality, efficiency improvements, and performance tuning, equipping engineers and analysts with the knowledge and to maximize productivity and effectiveness going forward. 

Enhance SQL Code Quality and Query Proficiency

Data engineers and analysts benefit from a tailored view that shows specific bad query patterns. Each recommendation includes instructions and explanations for improving code quality and efficiency.

Bluesky tracks the categories of query patterns that are leading to the most inefficiencies so that teams can understand potential gaps in engineer and analyst knowledge and proactively educate to prevent future inefficiencies.

Why Bluesky

Spend less time optimizing

  • Bluesky detects and presents optimization opportunities so that developers, engineers, and analysts don’t need to. Instead, they spend their time building business critical tools.

  • Bluesky takes the guesswork out of recommended actions and points to specific query code so that users can spend less time investigating and instead, implement trusted guidance.

Speed up the learning cycle

  • Bluesky’s recommendations come embedded with explanations so that users can learn as they optimize, quickly closing the feedback loop between coding and revising.

  • As a result, recommendations are specific to the query writers. Instead of generic SQL query courses, the tool provides targeted learnings for your team’s specific situation.

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