Data Cloud ROI

Bluesky offers organizations a comprehensive view of potential areas for cost reduction and improved spending efficiency. By utilizing our services, companies can quickly identify potential savings in running their Snowflake platforms more efficiently, without compromising performance or functionality.

Improve Spending Efficiency and Maximize ROI

Our optimization reviews span all potential areas of savings, including warehouse configurations, storage improvements, and query optimizations.

Our team of expert’s years of experience enable us to break down the areas of cost savings opportunity and provide a guided set of recommendations prioritized by spend impact and remediation level-of-effort.

Why Bluesky?

Full Platform Efficiency Check

  • Outsource the “search effort” for assessing cost reduction potential to our expert team, knowing we review every area of potential optimization.

  • Our engineering team stays up-to-date on all things Snowflake to constantly productize new optimization recommendations, so your team can stay focused on business-critical tasks.

High-impact Recommendations

  • Our recommendations prioritize the highest value, lowest effort actions first.  System-level changes can be simplest and have the biggest impact.

  • Bluesky provides more detailed recommendation options for complex changes, empowering your teams to make the best remediation decision based on your business objectives. 

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