Data Cloud ROI

Are you frequently bothered by alerts about your credit use, holding you back from finding new ways to improve your business? With Bluesky, you can now easily find potential savings, save more time on tuning, and make the most of resources for better returns on the Snowflake investment.

Improve Spending Efficiency and Maximize ROI

Your team can dedicate their time to building and operating your business while Bluesky simultaneously delivers valuable insights into potential inefficiencies and offers actionable optimization recommendations.

Bluesky provides your team with an efficiency index, that tracks efficiency trends and various efficiency metrics over time.This enhances your ability to gain clearer insights into your workload efficiency and evaluate the equilibrium between effort and impact

Why Bluesky

Centralized Efficiency Operations

  • Cost management often involves various teams at an organization - from the central platform team to business teams and individual engineers. Keep all teams aligned on the opportunity and remediations through a single set of operational views.

  • Central platform teams, data engineers, and businesses each have their own views that align to their roles and responsibilities for cost management, meaning they can focus on the insights and tasks that are most relevant to them.

Run an Efficient Ship

  • Business lifecycles can affect the priorities of engineering teams. Cost efficiency should be easy to run no matter the priority, allowing teams to opt-in to Bluesky making low-risk, high-impact changes on their behalf.  

  • Data teams can also change over time, from having deep expertise to Snowflake to being exposed to the data cloud for the first time. Bluesky is built to allow teams to be as hands-on or hands-off as they’d like, meaning we aim to provide technical depth in our views alongside our automations.

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