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“The same traits that make cloud data easy to use also make it hard to manage from a financial perspective. Bluesky has developed an elegant solution for handling cost and workload governance challenges of cloud data and solving the challenges of the IT Rule of 30 that states that any unmanaged IT spend category averages 30% in waste. Data is no exception and Bluesky is a valuable prescription for unwieldy cloud data environments.”

Hyoun Park

Chief Analyst of Amalgam Insights


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The Bluesky Advantage

Profile-driven Query Cost Attribution

Bluesky’s patent-pending technology analyzes how you use Snowflake to provide an accurate breakdown on individual query costs. See how much every user and team is spending.

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The Bluesky Advantage

Pattern-based Query Grouping

Bluesky groups queries that are structurally similar, using our advanced knowledge of real-world workloads. Quickly find the most expensive workload slices and prioritize your optimization efforts.

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The Bluesky Advantage

Active, intelligent monitoring

Get proactive alerts of anomalies or exceptions that really matter. Take action quickly without drowning in noise.

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The Bluesky Advantage

Impact-prioritized actionable insights

Bluesky provides tuning recommendations prioritized by the impact on your environment. Our projected cost savings and query performance improvements are based on how you actually use data, not a theoretical environment that doesn’t exist.

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The Bluesky Advantage

Automatic blocking of wasteful queries

Automatically block low-value but expensive queries like data pipelines that keep failing. Configurable blocking rules keep you innovating without overspending. Experiment, tune, and debug with confidence, with a full blocking audit trail, of course!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bluesky actually optimize costs?

Bluesky uses a multi-faceted top-down and bottom-up approach to provide detailed visibility into your data cloud workloads. Bluesky uses information it gets from your environment to perform a few tasks:

Bluesky uses detailed query profiles to group similarly structured, functionally equivalent queries together to refine optimization efforts.

Bluesky compares workloads against known best practices to surface anomalies and insights.

Bluesky runs simulations to re-play query workloads across a variety of settings to recommend optimal configuration settings across your data cloud.

What are Bluesky’s data handling/security policies? 

Least Access - We only ask for the absolute minimum amount of permissions that we need to operate our tool.

No Data - We only look at queries and cloud configuration. We never ask for permission to see your data.

Easy Revoke - We pull our data from your Snowflake instance through a user or a fixed IP. Revoking permissions is trivial.

Industry Standards - We are SOC2 compliant for Type 1 certification. We have also begun the Type 2 certification process.

Data Security Standards - Our data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Already trusted by and working with institutions ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies.

What makes Bluesky unique in this space?

Bluesky not only provides a tool to introspect and visualize data cloud workloads, it extends this functionality to provide intelligent monitoring and smart tuning recommendations that more advanced enterprises need. Furthermore, Bluesky’s product vision includes automated self-healing and self-correction capabilities. Bluesky allows you to put your data cloud on autopilot.

How does Onboarding work?

Bluesky’s onboarding process is fast, low-friction, and takes no more than 10 minutes. As part of Bluesky onboarding, customers create a READ ONLY user in their Snowflake instance that is permissioned to ONLY read Snowflake metadata. Bluesky never requests access to any business data.

What is your relationship with the data clouds you help optimize?

Bluesky has a mutually beneficial partnership with the data cloud that we operate on. Bluesky's goal is to help customers efficiently deploy their “compute capital” to drive new business value with data. Optimizing data workloads frees up resources that the company can deploy against other business critical goals and problems. Bluesky is recognized as a Snowflake Partner.

What is Bluesky’s philosophy about cost optimization?

Bluesky wants to enable data cloud users to get the most out of each “unit” of compute. We provide visibility tools and insights that allow our customers to understand the nuances of how they are using their data cloud compute, and how to optimize that usage. We do not create or provide blunt, generalized spending policies that have the potential to hamper business value. We enable our customers to use their resources optimally instead of restricting use based on “usage caps.”

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